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Established in 2013

Vanessa got started in the beauty industry while doing makeup for a prominent bridal company in Orange County. This is where her love for hair developed. After finding a passion in hair, she went on to study Cosmetology at Hair California in Orange, CA. She attained her license in the state of California.

Most do not realize that education does not stop after Beauty School is out. Vanessa was set on a quest to learn all that she could in both cutting and coloring. She was taken on to be mentored by one of the finest Hair Stylists in Newport Beach, CA. Under the study of Joaquin Regalado and his dedicated team of educators, Vanessa’s quest for knowledge blossomed. Her foundation was set with the unique education style at The Comb Technical Center. From this day forward she approaches all aspects of growth in a very technical process and she is continually looking for the newest developments to keep her guests' hair in the best health while coloring and styling.